Angelina Jolie Workout and Diet Plan

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Published: 16th May 2011
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Before you really get stuck into this article it is important that I clarified the following. There is no official Angelina Jolie workout and diet plan, there is only reports of such information as the secrets are probably kept close to the heart of a few Hollywood gurus! I must also say that before you jump into any fitness regime or diet plan, you must consult your doctor for professional medical advice.

Now with that being said, we can reveal some of the inside information that will give you an Angelina Jolie figure.

When you look at the Hollywood a list actress, do you see a painfully thin person or do you see an athletic body with sculpted muscles and slim body? There is no doubt that Angelina has toned muscles as well as a low body fat ratio. So if you really want to look like Miss Jolie then you not only have two diet, but you also have to start working out with some light weights and resistance training to sculpt your body.

The Diet: as I mentioned earlier there is no exact diet that she has released to the public. But there are reports of her eating a fantastically healthy diet and even a vegan diet. However you don't need to be as extreme as this.

Simply eat a well-balanced and healthy diet. Consume plenty of fresh fish and steer away from red meat. Of course fresh fruit and vegetables are essential but again steer away from types of vegetables that are high in carbohydrates, such as sweetcorn. Drink plenty of clean fresh water and finally completely eradicate sugar from your diet. If you want specific recipes there are plenty of examples that use fresh fish, or grilled chicken breasts and great ways to make vegetables exciting and extremely tasty.

The Workout: Angelina keeps a fantastic feminine figure that has some great muscle definition too. You can achieve this by including resistance training and light weight training into your fitness routine. Don't use heavy weights as these cause trauma to muscles, tear them and cause them to grow - great if you are a guy looking to bulk up, but not great if you're looking to get a Hollywood figure.

Stick to light weights or exercises that use your body weight, such as lunges. These are very simple to do and result in slim, slender and toned legs.

Feet tomb Raider actress also has fantastic upperbody definition. For a lady it's a good idea to focus on push-ups, bicep curls and a shoulder presses. Push-ups will keep the chest toned and also the tricep muscles at the back of the art, so say goodbye to bingo wings! Bicep curls and shoulder presses with light dumbbells will give you toned arms and sculpted, feminine shoulders. You are going to look slim, athletic and incredibly beautiful.

Follow the tips above for a fantastic Angelina Jolie workout and diet plan.

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